Depatie Engineered Solution

Ambulance Cot Lift Assist

Hydraulic System Integration

Application:  Ambulance Cot Lift Assist

Due to overwhelming EMT back injuries, a manufacturer of patient handling equipment was challenged with producing a product that would alleviate the strain of lifting a patient into an ambulance.

The conventional design ambulance cot requires the assistance of two, or more, individuals to lift a loaded cot.  It also required at least two individuals to load the cot into the ambulance.  Recognizing the necessity to assist the EMT’s and reduce back related injuries, the manufacturer committed to developing a cot with a hydraulic lift assist system.  Due to their limited knowledge of hydraulic systems, Depatie was contacted to provide engineering assistance.

Depatie Solution:
With Depatie’s assistance, the manufacturer was able to test a variety of hydraulic systems and determine their performance requirements.  Depatie was able to provide a unique hydraulic system, integrating the functionality of multiple technologies in a single package.  To assure that each system would perform to the required specification, Depatie was able to construct an extensive test system that would emulate the system’s performance in the cot.  Each system is serialized and the test data is recorded as confirmation of its performance.

Customer Benefit:
The manufacturer receives daily Kanban shipments of complete hydraulic systems, which have been assembled, tested and validated to meet their expectations and requirements.