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Increase Profits with Depatie’s Kitting and Vendor Managed Inventory

When it comes to the distribution of fluid power and automation components, Depatie Fluid Power Company doesn’t just aim to supply your facilities, we strive to be a valuable partner. Whether you’re in need of a one-time supply of fluid connectors or you’re looking for a more comprehensive supply chain solution that includes vendor managed inventory, we are ready to step up and fill the role.

Parker Improves Fluidic Designs with R9 Liquid Valves

Recently, Depatie’s primary supplier, Parker Hannifin, announced the release of the R9 Diaphragm Rocker Isolation Liquid Valve, a valve that improves performance of clinical diagnostic, analytical chemistry and agent detection systems that necessitate precision fluid control. Offering a flow rate that is comparable to 16mm valves, the 9mm R9 allows for more efficient fluidic circuits and shortened fluid channels.

Prolong the Life of Your Hydraulic System with Routine Inspections

Obviously for the optimal use of your cost for hydraulic systems, you want them to last as long as possible. Help catch problems early on before they turn into catastrophic failures with daily routine inspections. We recommend that operators should inspect all parts at both the beginning and end of every shift, documenting the status and submitted for review by a supervisor.

Remote Monitoring Keeps Compressed-Air System Flowing Smoothly

When a compressed air system falters, whether it underperforms or is contaminated with oil or water, the resulting pressure drop increases energy consumption in an industrial plant and reduces efficiency of pneumatic tools and equipment. Keeping track of these systems on wired instruments or individual censors requires routine monitoring. Unfortunately, the monitoring can be labor intensive and time intensive, especially for those sensors in remote or hard-to-reach areas of the workplace.

Parker’s Innovative Rubber Seal Materials: Certified to NORSOK M-710 Requirements


When looking at something as large as the oil and gas industry, it’s actually quite incredible how you can narrow the focus down to small, individual parts that keep operations running cost-effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s an individual oil rig, a shipping container, or something as small as a rubber seal, there are thousands of pieces contributing. By failing to properly attend to all of these parts and needs, you are missing out on the chance to increase supply chain proficiency and improve your bottom-line.

ISO 13485:2003 Registration


Depatie Fluid Power Company, main location in Portage, Michigan, has been assessed and registered by Intertek Testing Services as conforming to the requirements of ISO 13485:2003.