Parker’s Commitment to Innovation on Display at CSU Forum

Earlier this year, Depatie’s partner, Parker Hannifin, participated in a panel discussion hosted by Cleveland State University. Dubbed, “From Laboratory to Wall Street; How Hopes and Dreams Enter the Marketplace,” the panel welcomed professionals from a range of industries. In attendance was Pete Buca, the Vice President of Innovation and Technology at Parker.

In the discussion, Buca touched on the company’s approach to innovation, saying, “At Parker, we look at innovation through the eyes of our customers. Parker is committed to innovation because great innovation creates enduring value for our customers, for our company, and for society.” Asserting that his vision for Parker included a culture of innovation that was an inherent part of the people, processes and attitude of the company, he emphasized that every element of a company must be dedicated to innovation to achieve meaningful results.

As part of Buca’s initiative to foster innovation, he spoke of creating a safe space for new thought and accepting that failure is a part of the process. Understanding why and how you have failed teaches a valuable lesson and drives both the thought process and the technologies that it produces forward.

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