Parker’s New Material, nobrox, Offers Amazing New Properties and Design Freedom

Continually driven to innovate, Depatie’s lead supplier, Parker, has recently developed a new material – called “nobrox” – that offers a wealth of benefits over standard sealing materials. Excellent wear resistance, chemical resilience, reliability, affordability and ease of assembly make nobrox a superb choice for anyone seeking the latest sealing technologies. In addition to this, nobrox is a savvy decision for those manufacturing engineered components for a diverse range of industrial and consumer applications. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the key benefits afforded by this new material.

Unparalleled adaptability

The new nobrox materials are easy to adapt to customer requirements. Whether you’re concerned about friction, temperature, pressure or resistances, nobrox is able to be tailored to your specific application and, because of its cost-efficiency, can address common problems better and more economically.

More design freedom

The properties of nobrox – superior wear resistance, permeation properties, resilience and more – allow for greater design freedom. As a result, you won’t be handicapped by nobrox’s limitations and, instead, can focus on achieving the design that you desire.

Improved performance

When compared to other materials, the water absorption of nobrox is lower and its ultimate elongation is higher. Because of this, nobrox exhibits greater dimensional stability, providing a clear performance boost that is beneficial in a number of applications, especially in regards to engineered components.

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