Parker Hannifin Introduces an Innovative New Miniature Poppet Solenoid Valve

Among the largest challenges faced during the design of battery-operated medical devices are the device’s size, weight and battery life. As these devices are often heavily relied upon in the field, reliability and portability are essential to their success. As a result, Depatie’s leading supplier, Parker Hannifin, set out to address these concerns head on.

With the Series LX, a new miniature poppet solenoid valve, all three of these qualities can be improved. Due to their extremely small size, low weight and easy integration into portable devices, the Series LX valves allow for highly reliable pneumatic power control in a reduced form factor. Additionally, the valve’s innovative latching device allows it to remain open without consuming battery power. As a result, the device can be in an “active” state without drawing power, thus significantly extending its battery life.

On top of the benefits to size, weight and battery life, Series LX solenoid valves offer a number of additional benefits. Because they accept common input voltages – from 3V to 24V DC – it isn’t difficult to integrate them into common purposes. Their ability to be mounted directly onto PCBs and manifolds further eases this integration.

At Depatie, we count ourselves lucky to work with a manufacturer like Parker Hannifin. Constantly driven to innovate within the industry, the company has proven their dedication to providing customers with the absolute best, most dependable pneumatic and hydraulic power solutions available. The new Series LX poppet solenoid valves show that, when a challenge arises, Parker is ready to face it head on. If you’ve been looking for a provider of fluid power products and want to work with a dependable, proven company, contact us today to learn how the Parker Store at Depatie can meet – or exceed – your needs.